For many of those in healthcare, working with a healthcare job recruiter is just the step they need to kick their career into high gear.

There are many advantages in working with a healthcare job recruiter. The list is long, but it includes:

  • Recruiters keep up-to-the minute information on job postings
  • Recruiters can take away the burden of searching for a job while also trying to do your current job
  • Recruiters can help coach people, making them better job candidates
  • Recruiters know about openings that aren’t necessarily listed publicly, narrowing the field of competition by a significant factor

So, if you know why you need a healthcare job recruiter, the next question is what to look for in a recruiter.

The following represent issues to keep in mind when searching for a good recruiter.

Genuine Care and Interest

This is difficult to quantify. However, most people can tell during the first contact with a recruiter whether they genuinely are in the business to help people in their careers. That’s the spark that drives the best recruiters in healthcare.

For example, SamStaff founded the business out of a passion for having a positive impact on the healthcare industry. That involves placing the best candidates with the right clients. That results in the win-win scenario everyone wants.

Healthcare Job Recruiter Specializations

Healthcare is a huge industry. Hundreds of different career paths are available. A key step to finding the best jobs in your chosen field is to work with a recruiter who specializes in your area. That means they will have important contacts that can most benefit the job applicant.

Again, using SamStaff as an example, the company focuses on HIM Coding, Cancer and Trauma Registry, Clinical Documentation Improvement, Interim Leadership and Case Management.


The best recruiters will advice job candidates to have flexibility. It really comes down to “you don’t know what you don’t know.” While you might have a very specific job in mind, recruiters may also find hidden gems that you may not have ever considered. Look for a healthcare job recruiter who will go beyond just what you ask for and use their expertise to show you a wide range of attractive job options.


This goes hand-in-hand with a genuine interest in improving your career because the best recruiters become your partner. Sometimes, this can last over many years and many different jobs. And just like any other business partnership, you want positive actions from recruiters with a focus on accomplishing a set goal. Here’s what you don’t want:

  • Not returning phone calls or other methods of contact in a timely manner
  • Not contacting your regularly on their own for updates on the job search
  • Not demonstrating expertise by finding jobs you did not see elsewhere or offering creative options
  • Not offering inside information on what it’s like to work at a certain location (shows lack of a good network) and not offering help on issues such as potential interview questions, improving your resume or even how to dress for the interview

Hiring a recruiter is not like waving a magic wand and instantly getting a fantastic job. It still requires work on your own to network as well as honesty about your salary and job duty expectations (good recruiters will tell you that, too).

But a good recruiter can make the difference when looking for a healthcare job. Keep these tips in mind when calling recruiters. Finding one that works well with you can lead to much brighter career prospects in the near future.