For job seekers, teaming up with a quality recruiter is a great option. They bring a deep knowledge not only about the industry but also the current state of the job market. They have contacts other people simply do not have. They also provide candidates with someone who is in their corner throughout the process.

Launching a job search is a stressful, time-consuming experience. Yet, people do it every day as the possibility of a better job in a new location beckons.

This is especially true in healthcare. Job opportunities are available in every city and town across the country. The idea of looking for a more satisfying position is always there for healthcare workers.

For those considering a new job search, the following lists some of the advantages of going through a recruiter. Making a decision to do so offers job seekers a great first step toward making their search successful.

Using a Recruiter Saves Time, Reduces Stress

The time spent searching for a job can add up quickly. It’s almost like a second job for working professionals, who already have their time squeezed by work responsibilities and their personal life. Searching for a job also can prove a stressful experience. Job seekers update a resume, put in for jobs online and then often get no feedback, leaving them stressed out about whether they are doing things right or wrong. A recruiter handles those responsibilities and gives job seekers a partner who works with them every step of the way.


Most workers search for a new job about once every three years. That’s a lot of time between job searches. The market can change a lot in that amount of time. Recruiters keep an eye on those changes every day. They bring knowledge of the job market into the mix, something the typical job seeker might not have.

A Partner

As mentioned above, a good recruiter can lessen the stress of a job search. But it goes beyond that. A recruiter such as samstaff puts a high priority to connect job seekers with employers who are the best fit. They emphasis the client experience and seek to become partners over the entire course of a person’s career. That kind of support is priceless during a job search.

Industry Contacts

Staffing companies develop relationships with human resources personnel. They know what they want and do not want in a job applicant. This allows recruiters to match a candidate’s skill set with the right employer. It also cuts down on wasted time applying for jobs that are not a good match. But it goes even beyond that. Even if there is no job opening, a recruiter may see that a candidate has the perfect skill set for a certain employer. Sometimes, people will get hired simply because they are a great match for what an organization needs.

Unknown Opportunities

Because they have relationships with human resources managers, staffing companies often hear about job openings before they become general knowledge. This obviously puts candidates who work with these recruiters a step ahead of other job seekers.


Recruiters work with job candidates in two critical areas. The first is in building the best resume possible. The second is in preparing for job interviews. This again is an area where a recruiter’s knowledge and contacts can prove a great asset for job seekers.

These represent some of the ways a recruiter can turn a stressful job search into a much better experience by being a partner who is constantly working for the candidate. They also can significantly increase a candidate’s chances of success.

In the job search process, it doesn’t get any better than that.