For those who work in healthcare industry, the next decade could prove one of the best ever in terms of healthcare jobs growth.

The federal government is projecting job growth in the next 10 years for the United States to be bigger than the previous 10 years. An estimated 11.5 million new jobs will be added in the U.S. economy. Many of them, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, will come from healthcare jobs.

“Healthcare industries and their associated occupations are expected to account for a large share of new jobs projected through 2026, as the aging population continues to drive demand for health care services,” the agency stated.

That’s good news for those looking into either getting into healthcare or looking to move into a different job within healthcare. That’s especially true for those turning to healthcare recruiters who have the latest information on job openings.

Projected Healthcare Jobs Growth

Want to know the fastest growing job in the U.S.? It’s solar photovoltaic installers. Yes, many other people haven’t heard of it, either. In case you are wondering, they assemble, install and maintain solar panels.

But the real growth is in healthcare. The industry is expected to grow by 2 percent in the next 10 years. That number might seem small until you consider the number of people already working in healthcare.

In other words, 2 percent translate into 4 million new jobs in the industry.

Some of the jobs expected to grow the fastest include:

  • Home health aides (47.3 percent)
  • Personal care aides (38.6 percent)
  • Physician assistants (37.3 percent)
  • Nurse practitioners (36.1 percent)
  • Physical therapist assistants (31 percent)

But the big growth numbers also translate into other occupations within healthcare.

Areas of Job Growth

Almost every profession in healthcare is expected to see a big jump in the number of people in the field.

For example, consider the following.

Cancer and Trauma Registry, Medical Coding. The BLS groups these workers under medical information specialists. The profession is expected to grow 13 percent by 2026, with almost 28,000 people entering the profession.

Healthcare Administration. This is another area of big growth. Leadership at medical facilities, including hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, is expected to grow 20 percent by 2026, with more than 72,000 people entering management and administration jobs.

Case Management. Typically, this is a role taken on by a registered nurse. The nursing profession as a whole is projected to grow 15 percent by 2026, with more than 438,000 nurses entering the profession.

Clearly, the future in healthcare is very bright. For those working in the industry and looking to make a move, the time to go for it has never been better.